Thursday, 12 December 2013

Walks and walking weekends - simply fab experiences and a painting to share

Walks and walking weekends - simply fab experiences and a painting to share
By Nimmi Hutnik – Inspired by our walking weekend in Boulogne December 2013

I am delighted to share with you a painting by Nimmi Hutnik that was inspired by our recent walking weekend in Boulogne.

As a walk leader my ethos is about inspiring and motivating, bringing people together walking outdoors, on journeys of discovery and exploration to places that touch the senses.

Our recent Boulogne weekend was one full of companionship, with memories to last, the colours of the sea and sand, the acrobatics of the kite surfer skimming high over the waves, the sights and sounds of the marvellous St Nicholas Parade & fireworks, cathedrals, city walls and of course fun , great French food  and wine.

Above all, the simple joy a lovely escape weekend and walks offer us as we cope with our busy lifestyles.

In turn I never cease to be inspired by those I walk with, our conversations, experiences and companionship and as during this weekend by Nimmi’s lovely painting and Sue’s fabulous photographs.

More information on Nimmi’s art

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